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Saturday, November 11, 2006

A pointless thought on Ted Kulongoski

In Tuesday's election, the governor won Tillamook County by 600 votes. In light of the governor's comments regarding the flooding, do you think there are 301 voters in Tillamook County who might regret their vote?

According to today's numbers at the Secretary of State's website, he won the state by 102,217 votes; do you think there might be 51,109 voters statewide who might think twice about voting for a man who criticized the media for over-hyping a flood that destroyed homes, shut down businesses and cost a life? Who dismissed home losses as the "price to be paid" for a view?

(On the state-wide question, probably not -- if Democrats are willing to ignore legitimate questions that the governor knew about Neil Goldschmidt's sexual escapades with a teenage girl, they're certainly not going to vote against him for dissing a homeowner picking pieces of his house out of the turf.)

By the way, the weather must have been fairly bad, because he said it was too dangerous for him to take a helicopter tour. Too bad he wasn't willing to reveal the true Ted Kulongoski until the day after the election...

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  • At 11/15/2006 9:21 AM, Anonymous gullyborg said…

    So much for the "fighting Marine" eh? A real Marine would not only have taken the helicopter, but would have taken the lead in protecting the people.


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