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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A poster girl for the 'wrong side of the world'

An Australian singer named Beccy Cole penned a beautiful song in response to fans who were critical of her trip to Iraq to entertain her country's troops, nicknamed Diggers.

My favorite lines, directed at those fans:
I admire the burning fire
that causes you to fight
I only wish the wrong side of the world
had the same rights
And, to a fan who told her he wouldn't keep her poster on the wall or listen to her music:
If unlike me you feel no pride at all
then go ahead and take me off your wall
'cause I prefer to be a poster girl
on the wrong side of the world.
And I found a good article in The Australian about how her trip to Iraq cemented her feelings about the conflict:
I didn't know exactly what my stance was until I went over there. People are quick to judge these situations without knowing fully what it's about. Prior to that I think I would have said I'm staunchly anti-war, but aren't we all?

Hat tip: Terrance


  • At 11/09/2006 11:38 PM, Blogger terrance said…

    Thanks for posting this, Ken. The background information from the The Australian interview really fills out the story.


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