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Monday, November 06, 2006

David Wu came to my house! And has no clue...

I must admit I was impressed to open my front door Saturday afternoon and find U.S. Rep. David Wu, along with some lady running for the Oregon House (just kidding, Suzanne!) approaching my front door.

I have to give any politician credit when they're willing to knock on doors on a rainy weekend day, even if it was in the middle of a good football game. That said, I'm not sure why Wu was there -- it seemed he was simply accompanying Ms. Bonamici.

We had an interesting, spirited discussion in which I think it was clear I wasn't supporting either candidate. However, there was one answer from Wu that stuck in my head all weekend, an answer that meant he was either lying through his teeth, or he was sorely misinformed about his own caucus. I asked him about the argument that Democratic control of Congress would mean politically-driven investigations and impeachment proceedings.

He responded by saying that wouldn't happen. Any crimes should be pursued, of course, but the Democrats were more interested in "moving forward," he said.

Baloney. I'm going to give Rep. Wu the benefit of the doubt and assume that he really wants to "move forward," but even his answer left open the possibility of investigations. He also displays either an ignorance of his party, or the knowledge that speaking the truth about this subject would hurt the party's cause: if the GOP loses control of the House tomorrow, control of the House Judiciary Committee would go to Michigan Rep. John Conyers, who has spent years compiling a case for impeaching the president. And guess what? The judiciary committee is where impeachment proceedings would start.

I thank Rep. Wu for coming by, but he's either being extremely naïve, or he's was playing me for a fool. Either way, he has no business in the majority party.

I just wish I would have thought to ask him why he has such disrespect for his opponent and for the voters that he refuses to debate the issues.


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