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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Workin' the night shift

John Dunshee, the guy who posts over at Just Some Poor Schmuck, works at a 9-1-1 center in the Willamette Valley. Here's his hilariously understated description of the night shift from yesterday:
Things started getting interesting when we found out about a rave out in the country that we hadn't been invited to. They had posted flyer's around but gave lousy directions. So we had carloads of people cruising aimlessly around the countryside looking for the party.

You know when you don't invited the cops they get their feelings hurt and come anyway. Or at least hang around the area. A word for those attending a rave. If you're going to be driving there, it is considered a good idea to have a valid drivers license. I might not hurt if you had insurance and didn't get smashed before you go.

It's amazing how many people forget these simple rules

Later in the evening we talked with several people that also neglected to have valid drivers licenses and some who had only had two beers. I gotta find out where they're serving these beers, they must be huge.

Out latest contestant was a wrong-way driver on I-5. This guy was serious about his business. First he was going northbound in the southbound lanes, then when he realized his mistake, he changed over and started back south in the northbound lanes. After noticing the cars behind him with the bright flashing lights, he again changed direction and headed back north in the southbound lanes again.. In a sudden flash of inspiration he realized what the problem was and changed to going northbound in the northbound lanes. He should have been home free since he had recognized his error and corrected it, but cops have no sense of humor in that regard and thought he should go to jail.
He's worth a read more often than I head over to his site.

(HT: Jack)


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