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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Every American should see this movie"

So says my mom about United 93, which she and my dad went to see last weekend. I thought her comments were so poignant that I asked her permission to post them here:
I have been riding the fence lately about whether we should continue with the efforts in Iraq but this was a good reminder of why we are there and that our future security is at least partially dependent on the success of that effort. I think the movie addressed four things:
  1. An entire religious group can be brainwashed to believe something to be true when it is not (God wants us to kill the Americans).
  2. We can become victims or victors in the hands of terrorists (or anyone else) -- we can choose to be victims due to fear as they carry out their goals or we can be victors and stand up against them as a group or nation and thwart their goals even if it costs lives.
  3. Cherish every day you have with the people you love and remember to tell them often that you love them because you may not have another opportunity.
  4. Our government is not as prepared to provide protection on our own soil as it is to provide assault on foreign soil.
I found that even after almost 5 years I was emotionally struck by the sight of the planes flying into the World Trade Center. The film ends rather suddenly and I think it left the audience stunned. There was complete silence and no movement at all.

As we sat there in the darkness with the credits rolling, someone spoke up and said something to the effect that if we continue to leave our borders unprotected we can expect to see more acts of terrorism in our country like what we just experienced. Someone else responded that they came to the movie to be entertained, not for a political lecture. I happen to agree with the first voice and I think the person behind the second voice represents all those who don't want to face the reality of the threat our country faces.
Well said, mom!


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