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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Quote of the Day: Immigration

Jim Geraghty, from National Review's TKS blog, sums up my thoughts on immigration:
I think the protesters continue to shoot themselves in the foot. America is not a hateful nation. We love immigrant success stories. We don’t like whiners who protest, “give me something (citizenship) and ignore the fact that I’ve broken the law.” I’m all for a two step process – get control of the border, build a fence if you have to, beef up border patrols, etc. (Another thinking-out-loud thought – if you’re worried about the Minutemen violating the law when they encounter an illegal immigrant, then deputize and regulate the Minutemen. We have volunteer firemen and auxiliary police; why not utilize volunteer and auxiliary border patrol?) Once Americans feel that the 11 million or so illegal immigrants currently in the country aren’t just the crest of a wave of millions upon millions more, then they’ll feel less angry and punitive about dealing with the ones who are here. When people perceive that the situation is under control, they’ll be willing to let the hardworking guy who has no criminal record, wants to learn English and support his family and who’s willing to pay his back taxes and a fine for entering illegally get on a path to citizenship.
It's more or less what I wrote here.


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