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Friday, May 05, 2006

A sure-fire way to decide on judicial elections

I've found it. A clear way to discern who is the best candidate for any judicial position in the state.

Just go to the Oregon State Bar website and click on the "Oregon State Bar Judicial Voters Guide to the May Primary." From there, click on the Judicial Preference poll results (PDF in link) and it will show you who members of the state bar prefer for the various judicial openings around the state.

With that information in hand, vote the opposite of what they say. For instance, in the Oregon Supreme Court race, the OSB members voted this way:
  • Virginia L. Linder: 1,693 votes
  • Gene Hallman: 1,273 votes
  • Jack Roberts: 317 votes
So Jack Roberts gets the nod.

Or how about the Marion County Circuit Court?
  • Paul Lipscomb: 415
  • Ross Day: 86
So Ross Day gets the vote.

It really helped me with one of my races, for the Washington County Circuit Court. The OSB tally was:
  • Kevin W. Luby: 103
  • Vincent Deguc: 71
  • Charlie Bailey: 56
I already knew I wasn't voting for Deguc, one reason having to do with his arrogance (I'll explain in a future post), but wasn't sure about Luby or Bailey. Now I know I'll vote for Bailey.

Easy, eh?


  • At 5/12/2006 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Damn, why couldn't I have seen this earlier!

    Funny, I was a "responsible citizen," researched all the candidates for the judicial races, weighed the relative merits and made my decision.

    I COULD have spent 10 seconds downloading this file to get the same results! Kinda scary...


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