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Friday, June 15, 2007

I thought John Kitzhaber was smarter than this

John Kitzhaber knows Betsy Johnson. According to the ex-Guv, Betsy Johnson is a "dedicated" official. Her commitment to the public is "unwavering." She's wealthy -- indeed, she's the head of her family's foundation that has given millions to charities -- but she lives modestly. Her parents worked hard, donating the Metolius River headwaters to the U.S. Forest Service and passing 160 nearby acres of wilderness on to Betsy -- acreage she could seek to exploit through Measure 37 if she wanted, but doesn't.

She sounds like a stand-up lady.

But none of that provides an explanation or an excuse for her recent behavior. It just makes John Kitzhaber look naïve. Or partisan.

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