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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quote of the Day: The least of these

Today's quote comes from my favorite internet writer, Tony Woodlief, whose family has been "adopted" by a stray cat even though he's not a cat person (emphasis mine):
There's no telling, is there, who or what will cross your path once you start opening your door to strays, be they cats or people. I know a few people -- a precious few -- who seem to have spotlights over their homes, calling every broken-down drunk and homeless single mother and three-legged dog in the county to their doorsteps. I used to think it was their circumstances that were peculiar, that they just seemed to be always happening upon those in need. Now I see it's more the case that we all cross the paths of those in need, but we've trained ourselves to ignore them. We wall them out, whether they are the hurting, socially awkward people in our own churches, or the desperately poor people south of our national border.
I know I have a wall like that -- several of them, actually. Even as I pray this, I'm fearful of the answer, but I'm asking God to help me remove those walls.



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