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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making fun

On the login page for my email, Comcast has been running annoying ads. No big deal, I guess, just another thing to ignore on a webpage.

But recently on one of those annoying ads, I thought I saw a glaring typographical error, the type that would have earned me an automatic 10-point deduction in my headline writing class back in college. But I didn't notice the typo until after I'd logged in, so the ad was gone before I could check for sure.

Today, I remembered to look. Here's the first ad:

It's hard to read, but I think that headline says "Intrest Rates at 6 Month Low!"

So I hit refresh, and here's what I saw:

"Mortgage Rates Hit 6 Months Low"? That deserves a headline from James Taranto, but I'm
not talented enough to come up with it.

But that's not the typo I thought I saw, so I hit refresh again:

There it is. "Intrest."

And one more for good measure:

The company is AmeriValue, a California-based lender. If I was making the decisions for AmeriValue, I'd be handing out pink slips to the people writing my internet ad copy.

Instead, I get to snicker at them.



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