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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A late thought on Wilson High's 'vandals'

A couple of weeks ago, a group of Wilson High School seniors played a senior prank -- they removed a large circle of grass from the school's front lawn and replaced it with thousands of marigolds, in the shape of a peace sign.

The school reacted by forcing one of the seniors -- who admitted to the deed on local TV -- to remove the flowers or miss graduation. The reaction of the community was quick support for the students and criticism of the school for its "anti-peace" message.

So, a question: if Wilson High School seniors had planted flowers in the shape of a cross instead of a peace sign, would the community have been as eager to criticize the school? After all, the message of Jesus was peace and love and acceptance, wasn't it?

Would neighbors -- who admirably stepped up to help the student remove the peace sign -- have been as quick to help remove the cross? Or would the community instead be calling for the student to be expelled and/or forced into a "sensitivity training" class?

Just askin'.

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