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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Red Herring of the Day

From an AP article about how gun sales have skyrocketed since the election of Barack Obama (emphasis mine):
Faster than a speeding bullet, rifles and handguns have been flying off the shelves here and across the country since Barack Obama won the presidential election.

"Gun sales doubled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week, and we've sold out of a lot of the guns we normally have in stock," said Jim King, sporting goods manager at Thatcher's Ace Hardware in Baker City, which still retains a tinge of its Wild West boomtown origins.

People are afraid of losing their Second Amendment gun rights, King said, although that would involve a lengthy and improbable attempt to amend the U.S. Constitution.
The issue for Second Amendment supporters is not that they think the amendment will be amended or repealed. But there are plenty of limits that can be placed on gun ownership short of erasing the Second Amendment. Obama tacitly admitted in September that his willingness to change gun laws was limited only by sufficient Congressional support; now that he has it, gun owners worry that he will use his Congressional majorities to impose much more stringent limits on them.

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