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Thursday, October 23, 2008

She shoots, she scores

I've been following the race in House District 26 with detached interest, as I don't live that far from the district, and the revelations of Matt Wingard's child abuse accusations have kept it in the news.

After those revelations, I fully expected the Democrats to ride the issue to victory. Then I saw their ad, which revealed the depths to which the Dems would dumpster-dive to win a seat.

And finally, today at Northwest Republican, I saw a letter from Wingard's ex-wife responding to the Dems' ad. (The letter is on the home page of Wingard's website. Surprisingly enough, I can't find the Dems' ad on the website of Wingard's opponent, Jessica Adamson; that, combined with Adamson's decision to stand behind the ad, should tell you a lot about the Dems' attack machine and Adamson's role in it.)

I thought the Dems' ad was devastating, if slimy, but this letter is devastating in its own right. Like Coyote, I won't retype the whole thing, but this is the part that made me think, "Ouch, that's gotta hurt Adamson":
Democrat Jessica Adamson cynically claims that "as a mother.." she believes that she can use my son to politically smear his father. By using my son as a political tool Mrs. Adamson proves she has a morally flawed view of motherhood that, I believe, disqualifies her for any public office.
And the conclusion:
This has been a horrible situation for my family caused by political operatives who do not care about our family or yours. Please do not reward Jessica Adamson for what has been the nastiest campaign I have ever seen.
...caused by political operatives who do not care about our family or yours. Including, the letter says, an Oregonian reporter.

The Dems are banking on the idea that Wingard's bad decision six years ago will leave a mark on Wingard's son and on Wingard's political future. This letter from the mother of Wingard's son makes it apparent that the mark may be on Jessica Adamson and her sleazy Democratic colleagues.

We'll find out in 12 days.

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