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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Media bias? What media bias?

In 19 months the press has yet to examine the relationship between Bill Ayers (self-admitted American terrorist who bombed the Pentagon) and Barack Obama (the presidential candidate), even though Obama began his political career in Ayers' living room.
In 10 days we discovered that Sarah Palin (the vice presidential candidate) really did not have a baby five months ago. It was her 17-year-old daughter’s (only that was not true, but it still was covered as hard news).

In 19 months we have yet to hear much about how Obama (presidential candidate) got all four of his state senate seat opponents removed from the ballot, nor how that squares with his "change" mantra.
In 10 days, most media have failed to mention that Palin (VP Candidate) defeated the sitting governor in his own primary AND a popular former governor in the general election AND has an 80 percent approval rating from the people of Alaska AND that is the highest approval rating of all 50 governors.

In 19 months there has never been any investigation into the admitted drug use by Obama (presidential candidate) more than two decades ago.
In 10 days we found out that 22 years ago Todd Palin (VP candidate’s husband) got a DUI.

It took 19 months for the Obama (presidential candidate) campaign to be asked about Obama’s “Fourth Trimester Abortion” vote. You know, the one where he refused to recognize a live-born infant as a person if the intent was to abort the baby. (And no one in the mainstream media corrected him when he lied about that vote.)
It took 10 days for the eagle-eyed media to discover that while the Alaska state aircraft was indeed put on E-bay by Palin (VP candidate), it failed to sell there and was in fact sold by a broker.

In 19 months of campaigning we have yet to find out what Obama (presidential candidate) did as a “Community Organizer,” nor why it's relevant to his bid for president.
In 10 days, we have a third-hand report that when Sarah (VP candidate) was a mayor, she went to the library and had a discussion about banned books. No books were banned. No librarian was fired and no titles or subjects were mentioned.

In 19 months of campaigning we have yet to know the true extent of the relationship between Obama (presidential candidate) and Tony Rezko (convicted felon, currently serving time for bribing politicians).
In 10 days we discovered that Palin (VP candidate) went to four different colleges during six different stints AND she got in trouble for pulling the fire alarm as a prank in one of them.

In 19 months the press seems to have forgotten to write about the millions of tax dollars that Obama (presidential candidate) directed to Tony Rezko’s buildings, many of them in Obama’s ward, or to mention that the buildings either remain condemned as uninhabitable or are continually cited for failure to meet the most basic rules.
In 10 days we learned that as a mayor with no influence in the decision, Sarah Palin (VP candidate) was for the Bridge to Nowhere, but when she became governor, and had enormous influence, she was against it AND (this is shocking) she used the funds on other more important Alaska infrastructure just like a governor should!

In 19 months there has been no coverage in the mainstream press about how the teachings of Saul Alinsky (a left-wing radical who wrote “Rules for Radicals”) have shaped the views of Obama (presidential candidate), even though Obama is said to have learned and applied Alinsky's teachings as a community organizer.
In 10 days there have been many articles complaining that Sarah Palin (VP candidate) got her nickname “Barracuda” because she was competitive in high school basketball.

It took 18 months for the Italian press to find Obama's (presidential candidate who is fond of the phrase "I am my brother's keeper") half-brother George, a Kenyan who lives in a tin hut about the size of a modest walk-in closet and lives on $12 a year. The American press has yet to find him.
It took 10 days for the press to put together specials on Palin's (VP candidate) family in Wasilla, Alaska (never pronounced without the "population 7,000" suffix), where they have interviewed about all 7,000 of the inhabitants.

Note: I received this via email and it was listed as authored by someone named Greg Stewart. I couldn't find any indication of who that might be.



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