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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quote of the Day: McCain's porky credentials

From a speech by John McCain today, as quoted on The Corner:

I’ve never asked for a single pork barrel project for my state of Arizona, and as President, I will veto every bill that wastes your money, and make the authors famous. I will order a top to bottom review of every government program before I give them one additional dollar of funding. Those programs that are doing important work for the American people have nothing to fear from me. Those that can be modernized and made more effective will find me a willing partner. And those that have outlived their usefulness to you, and waste your money on things you neither want nor need, are going out of business whether they like it or not.

What if the current occupant of the White House (along with the Republican majorities in Congress earlier in this decade) had made even a tiny effort to reign in government spending? I can't help but think that John McCain might have a shot at independents and liberals who are fiscally conservative and are fed up with government spending, but who instead will vote for Barack Obama because they've heard these claims -- that the Republican will be a strenuous budget watchdog -- before.


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