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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today would have been my dad's sweet 16th birthday -- his 64th year on this earth. Having a parent with a leap-day birthday was always something of a novelty -- we had a big bash for his 10th birthday (which seems ages ago, but now I'm at the same stage in my life) and a more intimate one for his 15th, perhaps knowing subconsciously that he might not make it to 16.

I'm guessing his Happy Birthday song today is amazing because everyone becomes a great singer as they walk through the Pearly Gates. Imagine the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir multipled times several hundred trillion.

I was going to link to the BTC web page, but then I found a random BTC video that was perfect. Check it out (along with the lyrics) at the bottom. It's a great reminder to me that even as we continue to grieve his departure, my dad is sitting amongst the angels, contentedly singing bass harmonies of endless praises to his Creator; it's also a reminder that when I'm singing praises -- in church, in the car, wherever -- it should not be "just something we do," but should be preparation for my reunion with dad as we stand before God's throne.

Happy birthday, Dad. I miss you.

In this house we've built of make believe
Loved ones go long before, seems it's time to leave
But we will learn how to grieve, to forgive and receive
'Til we see them there in that city

Span of stars overhead as we walk this road
While this darkness remains, I will bear your load
And together we will tend the seed He's sown
As we walk along that road to that city

On that day we will sing "Holy, Holy"
On that day we'll bow down in the light
And then we'll rise and turn our eyes
To the Lord, Jesus Christ, on that day

Though my eyes can't see what is waiting there
Though my mind can't conceive all that He's prepared
There the blind will see the sun, what was old will be young
And the lame, they will run all over the streets of that city


  • At 2/29/2008 5:36 PM, Blogger Bruce T Fallon, AIA said…

    Thanks for writing what we've been thinking today. It is such a blessing to have a knowledge of the love of God in our lives. At the recent funeral for our late Church President, a number was sung using words written by President Hinckley. It is a great reminder of the love of God and the grace available to us all and has provided great comfort to me. I am grateful for your faith in the Redeemer of mankind.


    'What Is This Thing That Men Call Death'
    By President Gordon B. Hinckley

    What is this thing that men call death,
    This quiet passing in the night?
    'Tis not the end, but genesis
    Of better worlds and greater light.

    O God, touch thou my aching heart,
    And calm my troubled, haunting fears.
    Let hope and faith, transcendent, pure,
    Give strength and peace beyond my tears.

    There is no death, but only change,
    With recompense for vict'ry won.
    The gift of him who loved all men,
    The Son of God, the Holy One.

  • At 3/12/2008 11:45 AM, Blogger jgf said…

    My dad turned 18 this year. It is a novelty to joke about being older than a parent. We also had a huge 10th party for my dad. It was the next year that I surpassed him in age.

    As for your loss, I am sorry, but so glad that we have the assurance that our loved ones are with Him.


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