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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

McGavick closing hard

(Please see update at the bottom)

I'm last in line to see this, but I still wanted to point it out: according to the latest Zogby poll, Washington state Republican Mike McGavick is closing hard on Maria Cantwell with a week remaining before the election. This would be a huge blow to the Democrats' efforts to take over the Senate.

(I know, it's Zogby, but I'm hopeful the firm's biases mean the GOP is doing even better than the polls indicate.)

Republican control of Congress is critical, unless you're in favor of capitulating to terrorists, raising taxes on all Americans, or holding the nation hostage through political "investigations" and legislative blackmail.

Note to Republicans: I know you're not thrilled with your party, but the alternative is Nancy Pelosi as the most powerful person in the United States Congress. And it's critical to note, as the San Diego paper did this weekend, who Pelosi would put in charge of the House committees:
  • House Intelligence Committee: Rep. Alcee Hastings, an ultra-liberal and at least formerly sleazy Florida Democrat. Hastings was impeached and removed as a federal judge by a Democratic-controlled Congress in 1988-89 on bribery and obstruction of justice charges.
  • Ways and Means Committee: New York Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel. Rangel says he would oppose extending any of the Bush tax cuts past their expiration in 2010 – imposing a huge tax increase on an economy fueled by Bush's first-term tax reductions.
  • House Judiciary Committee: Michigan Rep. John Conyers. Conyers has spent the last few years compiling a case for impeaching President Bush. Pelosi denies that a Democratic House would pursue Bush's impeachment but Conyers pointedly demurred from echoing Pelosi's denial.
  • House Government Reform Committee: California Rep. Henry Waxman, among the most partisan liberal Democrats in the House. No one doubts that Waxman would use his committee and its subpoena power to launch a flurry of investigations of the Bush administration, including its counterterrorism intelligence programs.
Never mind that Pelosi said national security isn't an issue in this election. Never mind that House Democrats have voted against George W. Bush at every turn, regardless of the merit of the propososal -- this includes funding for the defense department, intelligence agencies, and border security.

And you think that's better than a GOP-led Congress?

Get real. And get out there and vote next week.

UPDATE: I didn't realize this was a Zogby Interactive poll, aka an internet poll, so it holds all the weight of a bucketful of John Kerry's apologies. In other words, nothing. Two newer polls put Cantwell up 7 and 8 points, respectively.

That doesn't take away from what I wrote regarding Democratic control of Congress, but the Zogby poll is still worthless nonetheless.


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