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Monday, October 02, 2006

An important addition to the Saxton blogroll

If I were making a list of people I expected to vote for Ron Saxton, I would not have put Gullyborg, the proprietor of Resistance is Futile, at the top of the list. Before a new job caused him to go mute on many political issues, he was voicing serious (and legitimate) concerns about Saxton, both before and after the primary election.

So I was pleasantly surprised tonight when I did some web cruising and found his name at the top of the Saxton for Governor blogroll. I think it's important to read what he has to say, because Gully is not, if you'll pardon the play on words, a Gullible Gullyborg.

A snippet (all emphases mine):
This was not an easy decision for me to make. I have had concerns about Saxton from the beginning of the primary season. But Saxton's choice to stick with the [immigration] message that won the primary, instead of undercutting the base to reach for the mythical "moderate swing voters" in the final weeks of the election, puts my mind at ease. Saxton must know now that taking a hard stance on immigration won him the primary, and that following through on his promises is the key both to winning the general election and staying in office once elected. It also shows me that Saxton is still listening to conservatives, and that indicates he will be looking to conservatives when it comes time to appoint new state agency heads. This is critical, because the victory of the Term Limits measure will free up a number of incumbent Republicans from their jobs in the Legislative Assembly. If Saxton is, at this critical point in the campaign, sticking with the base rather than pandering to the middle, he will, I am certain, reward the base once in office. That means he will put conservatives into important positions within the Executive Branch.

If he doesn't, he will be a one-term Governor.

And it is the appointment of conservatives, even more than the immigration issue, that matters to me. Fighting illegal immigration is important, but it is only one issue. Conservatives in high places across the administration will shape many issues . . .
. . .
Those who have been reading know that my joining in with the Saxton supporters is a big deal for me. But I do so confident that Saxton will be a huge improvement over our sitting governor. I can now say without hesitation that my earlier worries have proved unfounded.
Well said.


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