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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I must be in a contrarian mood today

But I saw an internet ad this morning that really bugged me. The Flash-based ad was put out by the Republican National Committee, and featured a series of still photos of former presidents. First was Abraham Lincoln, with this phrase:
Here's to the Guardians
Then came Theodore Roosevelt, with this phrase:
Here's to the Protectors
Finally, a picture of Ronald Reagan, with this phrase:
Here's to the Leaders
The ad finished with these words (shown below):
Their Legacy...
Our Duty...
Support the GOP
It's our duty to support the Republicans? Don't get me wrong -- I want the GOP to win widely this Fall. But claiming it's our duty smacks of elitism, of a political party that thinks it deserves our votes instead of explaining to us why it would be privileged to receive our support.

When are they going to claim it's unpatriotic to vote for Democrats?


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