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Monday, August 21, 2006

Someone's been reading my notes

After reading Mary Starrett's rant over at RINO, I was going to make time this weekend to criticize her. I was going to say:
  • The efforts to remove her from the ballot are, of course, petty;
  • Dredging up Kelly Clark's history is a lame attempt at character assassination. Clark's crime was awful, but he was caught and punished; and this has nothing to do with removing Mary Starrett from the ballot. It's Clintonian politics -- ignore the issue and demonize the messenger;
  • Throwing Packwood and Goldschmidt into the argument makes Starrett look no better than Ron Saxton in his attack on Loren Parks, or Parks in his attempt to link Saxton to Goldschmidt. The implication that this was the latest chapter in the history of three womanizers makes Starrett look desperate;
  • Overall, the response shows a remarkable lack of class from a woman asking voters for a four-year trip to Mahonia Hall.
And then Coyote over at Northwest Republican beat me to it.

I'd just add one thing: a headline in today's Corvallis Gazette-Times said that "Starrett doesn’t mind ‘spoiler’ tag." My translation of that headline:
Despite the fact that Oregon Republicans haven't had gubernatorial leadership in two decades, and despite the fact that Ron Saxton won the Republican primary by 12 percentage points in a field of eight candidates, I think Oregon Republicans are too stupid to make a good choice. Saxton is too ideologically impure. I will probably contribute to tipping the election in favor of Ted Kulongoski, but I don't care. I and my Constitution Party members are smarter than you.


  • At 8/21/2006 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For me, the problem isn't that Saxton is a RINO or "impure." I knew that in 2002, and would have voted for him then had he won the primary. I knew it again in 2006, and, had he been upfront about his beliefs from the beginning, would have voted for him in the general (I assume that, with two conservatives splitting the vote and his pile o' cash, he still would have won the primary as a moderate). But he didn't do that. He ran a schizophrenic campaign of smear tactics, pandering to special interests, and outright lying about his positions. I can't support a person of such low integrity.

    I am a conservative. I supported the best conservative in the primary, but was ready to vote for the nominee even if my man wasn't it. I know that, in blue Oregon, it might take a moderate to win the general. Hence, my willingess to support Saxton 2002. But this time around? Not gonna happen.

    Conservatives are better than moderates are better than liberals. But honest men of decent character and integrity are better than any political ideology.

    I can't vote for Saxton, even if that means 4 more years of Sleepy Ted.


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