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Monday, August 21, 2006

"Is anyone down there? United States Marines!"

On the morning of September 11, 2001, an unknown United States Marine ran toward the World Trade Center as it collapsed, and spent days climbing dangerous wreckage with a fellow Marine to find any living survivors. He helped locate and rescue two New York policemen trapped under 20 feet of concrete, the story of which you can see in the new Oliver Stone movie, World Trade Center.

Then, without telling anyone who he was, he vanished.

Five years later, after watching a commercial for the movie and seeing himself, he's come forward to identify himself. Just from his actions on Sept. 11, we knew he was a brave man and a testament to the good of America. Now, we know a little more about him, and there's even more to admire.

God bless Sgt. Jason Thomas.


  • At 8/21/2006 6:48 PM, Blogger Capitol 3 said…

    Hello it is going to be a good movie when it comes out!just like flight 93-
    was a good movie!
    Have you ever heard of yellow ribbon groups and we do care!
    we will have photos and pictures up on the blog here soon
    of yellow ribbon and we do care which my friend is involved in from chicago support your American legion and your military.

  • At 8/22/2006 3:08 PM, Blogger MAX Redline said…

    Very cool! That guy should be everybody's role model. Exceptionally heroic, and exceptionally low-key. Thanks for pointing this out!


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