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Monday, June 12, 2006

Mike McGavick: not tough on immigration

So it seems that Mike McGavick, Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Washington state, is not bowing down to Lars Larson on the immigration issue. (I didn't listen, I'm just hearing it third-hand.)

And it seems that Mike McGavick, who is challenging Maria Cantwell for
the United States Senate in Washington state, is catching all kinds of hell because he's not tough enough for the immigration purists.

So I just have one question for those of you who refuse to vote for McGavick because he doesn't share your passionate bent on the issue: would you rather be represented by Maria Cantwell until 2012?

Please spare me that line about preferring a true liberal to a hidden one. You know that McGavick, despite your insistence on the immigration litmus test, would be a huge improvement over Cantwell. And if you can't see that, you need to step away from the sweet lucy.


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