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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hilton shareholders won't be happy

Fran O'Brien's, the Washington, D.C. steakhouse that has been giving free meals to wounded veterans from the basement of a Hilton hotel, was forced to close at the end of April when the Hilton wouldn't renew their lease.

This has not, to put it mildly, sat well with the military community. Check out this post by a milblogger called Blackfive, one in a series of posts titled "Operation Perish Hilton." In it, B5 says "I will never do business with the Hilton again."

One guy, even someone high up in his company who makes decisions on conference locations, might not have much of an impact. But read his comments, and you see that is much wider than one conference organizer.

Hilton's stock had been climbing, gaining 25 percent over the last two months. But in the last two weeks, the stock has lost 5 percent of its value. And it looks like more financial trouble may be on the way.


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