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Monday, May 15, 2006

Why I didn't vote for Vincent Deguc

This is a little late, considering the election is tomorrow, but I said in an earlier post that I'd expand on my reasons for not supporting Vincent Deguc for a Washington County judge.

Mr. Deguc ran for a county judge position in 2002, and I met him at a community event where he was handing out literature for his campaign. I greeted him and asked him what it was about him that made him a better choice than his opponent.

Maybe he was having a long day. Maybe it wasn't fun because he'd been standing in the rain. But in his response, he clearly (to me) seemed to be fighting off the urge to tell me, How dare you question my qualifications? The response was full of arrogance and entitlement -- essentially, I've spent my life in the law and I'm so better qualified than my opponent that I shouldn't have to explain this to a peon like you. Why, the Oregonian even endorsed me!

Now, is that what he said? No, I think he explained why he was a better choice, but I don't remember the substance of the answer. What I remember, almost four years later, is the attitude behind the answer.

And that's not the attitude I want in a courtroom, whether I ever appear there or not.


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