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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NW Republican makes the big-time

I noticed today that Coyote over at Northwest Republican was quoted in a post by Hugh Hewitt.

In the post, Hewitt discusses the news that Iran has successfully enriched uranium in its quest for a nuclear bomb, and suggests that the West must take steps now in order to stop the march toward the bomb. Otherwise, he says, we will helplessly watch the same onward march that Europe watched as Hitler took over country after country in the late 1930s.

While warning away from too much finger-pointing, Hewitt also notes the "excellent quick summary" by Coyote earlier this month that places much of the responsibility for the current Middle East state of affairs at the feet of one James Earl Carter. (You remember him? He's the U.S. president who sat on his hands while the Ayatollah installed a radical Islamic government and took American hostages for more than a year.)

In my book, Hugh Hewitt is the big time. Not, of course, that Coyote and company weren't big-time already...


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