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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Winning the war with Democrats in control

Today's Quote of the Day comes from Hugh Hewitt, on the possibility that one or both houses of Congress will switch to Democratic hands in November:
Simply put: If Democrats win a majority in either body, the war will be deeply compromised. If Democrats win both, the war will be lost in a replay of the retreat from Vietnam the Democrats orchestrated in the '70s.

The insurgents are fighting on in the hope of one thing: That America will quit.

The Democrats are committed to quitting.
If you doubt that, just re-read Christopher Hitchens' comments with Hewitt last week.


  • At 4/06/2006 2:01 AM, Blogger activist kaza said…

    Hmmm - here's the part that nobody ever says. So we "lost" Vietnam. What exactly did that cost us (beyond the 58,000 American lives wasted in the effort)? As I recall, we wound up winning the Cold War...Vietnam turned out to be a bungled strategic mis-step when there really weren't "any other dominoes".

    Why don't you rent "Fog of War" and see if we've learned any lessons?

    Also, as a fellow Christian, I urge you and your like-minded readers to pray about our involvement in Iraq. There are many of us who feel it never met the qualifications of a "just war" (and in hindsight, I believe we are more right than ever on that point) and a "stay the course" strategy needs to be put to the same prayerful inquiry...


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