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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Check out the new Atkinson video

Go to this website to see a cool new video from Jason Atkinson, Oregon's next governor.

Then, make sure you're registered in the Republican primary (the registration deadline is just 12 days away) and vote for Jason Atkinson to lead Oregon in the right direction.

Did I mention you should vote for Jason Atkinson?


  • At 4/13/2006 7:33 PM, Blogger MAX Redline said…

    The only bummer there is that it takes so long to load up.

  • At 4/16/2006 8:26 PM, Anonymous Frank G. said…

    Great video!

    I'm really disappointed, though. Jason is just not penetrating. I was at a party the other night and asked about 12 people who they thought would win.

    Only one of them even knew Jason was running! I told them all about him, and they thought he sounded great, but I am really shocked that he isn't more well known.

    And he doesn't seem to have the money to get his word out. These web videos are great, but they are not a way to reach a mass audience.

    I don't have a lot of hope left.


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