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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fight! Part II

Yesterday, Andrew Stuttaford and Andrew McCarthy held a spirited debate on the Patriot Act, and (in my opinion) McCarthy cleaned Stuttaford's clock. Today's exchange only reinforces that position.

Stuttaford closed today's post with this:
Sometimes the ACLU gets things right, very often it doesn’t, but it shouldn’t be used as a bogeyman to bring debate to a close.
McCarthy responded to Stuttaford in finishing the latter post:
I am not using the ACLU as a bogeyman to bring the debate to a close. I’ll debate this as long as you’d like. I am using the ACLU, together with your posts, to demonstrate how successful the ACLU has been in misrepresenting what is in the Patriot Act.
And if you read everything McCarthy has written in the Corner, you'll find that misrepresentation is legion.


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