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Monday, August 01, 2005

Fight! Fight!

On the Corner, between Andrew Stuttaford and Andrew McCarthy over the Patriot Act. I take McCarthy's side, and particularly like the first paragraph of McCarthy's last post:
Andrew, there you go again. You like the Patriot Act “despite its flaws,” which you’d apparently prefer not to describe. It should just be re-sunsetted rather than made permanent because it was enacted in a time of crisis and “it seems very modest indeed” to attach a new sunset — a new sunset that, you neglect to mention, would put law enforcement and the courts is a posture of doubt about whether evidence legally seized today would still be considered legally usable if the sunset ends, while reinvigorating the ACLU’s fundraising, which has thrived because of the current sunsets and has libeled the Act so successfully that even supporters like you see it as flawed.
Here's the sequences of the discussion. As I said above, be sure to read McCarthy 2.
Stuttaford 1
McCarthy 1
Stuttaford 2
McCarthy 2


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