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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yeah!! What he said!

Talking about one of the more recent efforts to insult our country and its veterans — the attempted removal of a veterans' memorial in the form of a cross on San Diego's Mt. Soledad — Citizen Smash at the Indepundit hits the nail on the head, and with passion.

Here's a little bit of background, and a quick explanation of the chief protagonist:
A 16-year battle over the Mount Soledad cross began when [athiest Philip] Paulson sued the city, arguing that the religious symbol's presence on public land violated separation of church and state provisions in both the U.S. and California constitutions.
Read it. Read it again. And if you're opposed to such a display, try to come up with a constructive solution that might satisfy all parties, instead of figuratively punching the country in the face by hitting the ACLU's number on your speed dial.

UPDATE: Links are fixed. Thanks to the editor (AKA Mrs. ULC).


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