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Friday, September 12, 2008

Things to remember about 9/11

Courtesy of Tony Woodlief:

I’m no expert on global politics. I can’t discern whether it’s better to find and kill Islamofascists with all the collateral damage that entails, or play a Clintonesque diplomacy shell game, or something in between. But I do know that right action springs from right thinking, and right thinking is reflected in clear words. So it seems to me that seven years after that awful morning we ought to remember clearly — every citizen and certainly every politician who wants to represent us — a few essential things:

  • These men, women, and children were murdered.
  • Their murderers were slaves to a cult that hates truth and peace.
  • There is no reasoning nor negotiating with people who celebrated in the streets when they heard the news.
  • If we choose to resist this death cult, some of us will die.

And finally, for the Christian, these truths: that the line between Dark and Light traverses every heart, that it is not by our own merit that we were born outside the death cult, that we are enjoined to pray for our enemies, and that the reason we do so is because, on that blessed day when vengeance pours down from Heaven, no dark thing will escape.

The line between Dark and Light traverses every heart. Including mine.

It is not by my own merit that I was born outside the death cult. It is an unearned blessing from God, and I need to treat it as such, to be thankful, and to find ways to show that thanks.

We are enjoined to pray for our enemies. Not just the people who tick me off in traffic. Because God is not wanting anyone to perish, and that includes those who conspire against Him to kill His innocent children.

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