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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama's been throwing people under the bus for years

In 2000, when Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator, he ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He lost -- no he was crushed -- by a 2-to-1 margin.

The lesson he apparently learned from that loss was that he should be willing to throw anyone under the bus who stood in the way of his political ambitions. There were no principles or allies, only people to use and positions to take that would get him to the next level.

The evidence of this comes from a news story that appeared on London's Channel 4 news, in which reporter Sarah Smith explains how Obama cleared out his opposition to create a deceptive narrative about transcending race. The portion below starts at the 6:19 mark of the video, and goes for almost a minute:
Rev. Wright, now disowned, was essential to Obama’s early career. Obama needed Wright because the first time he ran for nationwide office, he quickly discovered his unique background that made him so irresistible to white liberals caused distrust in the black community. He was shocked by the hostility from African-American voters when he badly lost a congressional primary eight years ago.

As Obama navigated his way through the power structures in the state senate, he managed to take advantage of boundary changes, and remapped Chicago to suit himself. Obama completely redrew the boundaries of his own state senate seat, and he included in it lots of whiter, wealthier city center areas. Out were the poorer black neighborhoods that he had represented, and into his district came many of the city’s richest and most influential political donors — the very people Obama knew he would need when he ran for the US Senate.
So Barack Obama worked the black community to seem like one of them, only to throw the black community under the bus to gain the favor of rich white folks. Then he threw Rev. Wright under the bus to gain the favor of moderates throughout the country who couldn't stomach the idea that a president would take counsel from a man who called for blacks to sing "God Damn America."

And that's not even counting Obama's entire church, his grandmother, or his positions on gun control or town-hall debates or the Iraq surge or public financing or his nifty presidential seal or state's rights regarding same-sex marriage or...



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