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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Never mind the mainstream, he's on the extreme fringe

Who said this?
When a child is born, they deserve every protection that the country can provide them.
I'll give you a hint: the speaker is talking about abortion.

Here, I'll give you multiple choice. Was it:
a) Barack Obama
b) John McCain
c) Kate Michelman
d) James Dobson
e) None of the above
Give up? The answer is (e). The speaker was actually an executive for NARAL Pro-Choice America, stating that her organization did not oppose keeping a baby alive once it's born, regardless of how or when that birth occurs. (Nice of them, isn't it?)

What she was talking about was the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA), which passed in 2002 and says that a child who is born "at any stage of development" and who is still living after that birth (no matter if the birth occurred from labor or induced abortion), has all the rights afforded to any other person. It also made a point to say these rights did not apply to a child prior to his or her birth, lest the pro-abortion folks have a meltdown.

And because it stipulated that those rights did not apply prior to birth, NARAL did not oppose the bill.

But Barack Obama did. Mr. Obama holds the opinion that if a mom wants to abort her child and the child somehow survives the abortion attempt, that child has no right to medical care to keep it alive.

Oh, Mr. Obama will tell you otherwise -- that the Illinois version of the BAIPA he opposed was different than the federal law because it would have outlawed all abortions -- but he's, um, mis-remembering. Mr. Obama was chairman of the Health & Human Services Committee when he voted against an amendment that contained language identical to the federal bill passed a year earlier. So because NARAL Pro-Choice America didn't oppose the bill when Mr. Obama did, that places Mr. Obama on the extreme political fringe -- never mind outside the mainstream -- compared to NARAL, one of the most stringent pro-abortion organizations in the country.

In fact, it seems Barack Obama is in favor of allowing a doctor to pull a living baby out until just the head is outside its mother, stab it in the back of the head with a sharp object and create a hole large enough to suck the brains out. After all, Mr. Obama has promised that one of his top priorities as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would erase every federal and state restriction on abortion. That means re-legalizing partial birth abortion, which I described above; making sure your 13-year-old daughter could abort her baby without having to tell you a thing; and ensuring that no community could say their tax dollars shouldn't pay for it.

Change we can believe in? That apparently doesn't apply if you're a fetus.

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