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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Oregonian writes off Rick Dancer

What's wrong with this picture, taken from the Oregonian's website today?

I'll give you a hint: here's a portion of the Republican primary ballot:

Evidently, The Oregonian is so in love with Kate Brown that it's endorsing her for the general election, too. Don't tell Rick Dancer -- who apparently has the mistaken impression that he's running for Secretary of State on the Republican ticket -- and be sure not to mention it to Vicki Walker or Rick Metsger.

UPDATE: Now that someone has called the O on its, um, omission, what does the paper do? It deletes any mention at all to the Republican candidate. They didn't do that for the essentially-uncontested John McCain and Gordon Smith. They didn't do that for Oregon House District 38. Heck, they didn't even do that for the attorney general's seat, which doesn't have a GOP candidate.

But there was one other person they left out: Third Congressional District candidate Delia Lopez (a hopeless case against Earl Blumenauer, for sure). Is this the O's way of saying they think Rick Dancer is hopeless?

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  • At 5/12/2008 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yikes - rick dancer had a huge fag-fest in eugene a few weeks ago. it was like who's poo in lane county.

    i guess republicans think all it takes to be secretary of state is that you look good in a thong.

    dancer gives all the closet case repugs a hard on.


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