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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Re-registering as a Dem

Victoria Taft is encouraging Republicans to re-register as Democrats in order to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary, thus continuing the family feud embroiling the Dems.

With all due respect to Ms. Taft, I don't like the idea -- if the shoe were on the other foot and Dems were re-registering as Republicans in order to mess with our primary choices, I'd be resentful and angry. That's why I hate (not just dislike, but hate) the idea of an open primary. In blue Oregon, it essentially takes away my ability to support conservatives (which, I think, is what the open primary proponents want).

That said, I'm seriously considering re-registering as a Democrat for the primary election. Not in the hopes of messing up the Democrats' presidential primary process, but because of crap like yesterday's Oregonian editorial supporting Kate Brown for secretary of state. Here's the part that really made me gag:

Brown will need to take extra precautions to avoid the appearance of partisanship after so many years as a party activist. She already has pledged not to be involved in Oregon political campaigns, a difficult but smart move for her.

As secretary of state, her political future would depend almost entirely on her ability to set aside party and work for every voter, every taxpayer, every time.

Yeah, right. Set aside her party? Please. She'll be just as able (and willing) to do that as current office-holder Bill Bradbury.

Yes, I know Rick Dancer is running as a Republican, and I have hopes that he'll turn out to be a viable and attractive candidate. But if not, I'll take Vicki Walker (or even Rick Metsger) over Kate Brown every day of the week.

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  • At 4/29/2008 3:02 PM, Blogger MAX Redline said…

    I agree. I didn't re-register, but was sorely tempted. Kate is the very definition of "partisan political hack".


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