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Friday, November 02, 2007

Color me surprised

Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Guisto says he's innocent. Or at least that the story isn't entirely accurate. But I thought it interesting that this story quotes Guisto as refusing a polygraph test when this blog entry (quoting an Oregonian story from January) quotes Guisto as favoring polygraph tests for new deputy applicants. As Guisto said in the final paragraph:
Every tool available to us at the front end of the career to find the best applicants, we owe the public. I don’t know how you could argue against it.
I agree, sheriff. Except I think it's appropriate at any point in the career path, not just at the front end. Apparently you think it's OK for everyone but you? And if it's appropriate in the hiring process, doesn't that add legitimacy to the polygraph test that Fred Leonhardt passed? You know, the one that suggests you and the governor are lying through your teeth?

By the way, I did a double-take on today's Portland Tribune headline:
Giusto’s base erodes
My reaction: He has a base? What is it called? The Oregon Law Enforcement Cover-up Association?



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