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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brian's back

and he's discovering the joys and challenges of life as a Stay-at-Home Dad (SAHD).
For one thing, the loss of adult socialization cannot be overstated. Oh, man, does it get lonely. The poor grocery clerks get an earful. I plan to do some research on playgroups in this area. Finding fellow parents with whom to socialize has been more challenging that I first expected -- there is a sort of reverse gender bias, and while people smile approvingly of my choice to be a SAHD, a man alone at a park with a toddler is not as quickly welcomed by the rest of the parents there as a mom would be.
I'm right there with ya, Brian. It's strange being the only adult male at a park teeming with moms and tykes, and I couldn't possibly remember all the times I watched two previously-unknown-to-each-other moms strike up a conversation while pushing their kids in the swing, but do their best to ignore me as I give my kid an underdog next to them.


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