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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why a Senate GOP majority is always crucial

From Hugh Hewitt today, speaking of Supreme Court justices:
Just because Justice Stevens seems intent on never retiring and has been blessed with great health doesn't mean that this is the rule for all justices. Retirements and illnesses can change this court in an instant, and if the Senate's GOP majority has diminished or even vanished, the course of the country's history will be dramatically altered.
. . .
And if you were a vocal opponent of Harriet Miers, please explain why that battle mattered so much, but the Senate majority/margin doesn't.
Yes, the Republican majority has disappointed all too often; but the alternative is potentially so much more crippling to the country's future that it's not worth contemplating the idea of sitting out elections.


  • At 5/18/2006 11:20 AM, Anonymous gullyborg said…

    I agree completely. Oh, and I liked Harriet Miers.

    The Senate, while numerically "Republican," is still majority liberal.

    We need to not just maintain our numbers (so we can control committees), but also replace some of the left-wing "Republicans" in order to actually have a conservative majority that can pass serious legislation and break filibusters using the Constitutional Option.

    If I were in a Rove-like position, I would pull all the resources out from under people like Lincoln Chafee, and put them all into races against incumbent democrats. If Chafee lost to a democrat, but at the same time someone like Bill Nelson could be replaced with a real conservative like Katherine Harris, we'd maintain the seat numbers but at the same time pick up a vote for conservatives.

    Sadly, the national GOP is pouring money into Chafee's re-election while pulling the rug out from under Harris before she even runs.

    And they wonder why their approval numbers are low?

  • At 5/22/2006 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    When you cited the headline, why a Senate GOP majority is always crucial, I was thinking of Oregon.

    Is the quest for a conservative in office only for the one position of governor?

    Of the 15 Oregon Senators up for election this year, consider this:

    1) A true conservative (Larry George) has alredy knocked off an only sometimes conservative in a Republican primary race. And it's in a district that is quite Republican.

    2) Of the 15 seats up for grabs, a whopping 11 of them have to be defended by Dems. to only 4 to be held onto by Republicans.

    3) Jason Atkinson is one of those Senate members.

    4) Do we help Jason rally the troops for a Republican majority?

    5) There is an exciting candidate running against Peter Courtney in Jarrod Thatcher, relative of one of the best and brightest House members, Kim Thatcher.

    6) ...and if Jason is the rallying conservative he alleged, why stop now?


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