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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Washingon State's next senator

I caught a short interview between Hugh Hewitt and Washington Senatorial candidate Mike McGavick on Hugh's Monday show. It was interesting, if short on specifics, but I thought this was interesting:
We had a very unfortunate series of events with the Rossi election. But the good news is, Dino's noble effort to contest that election scrubbed the rolls of a whole bunch of felons and dead folks, so we're going to get a slightly cleaner set of registered voters this time. That's helpful. And then, you've got to make sure Eastern Washington turns out fully, because they don't turn out as often as we see people in Western Washington turn out. And then, you've got to campaign, and open hearts and minds here in Western Washington.
He added later in the interview:
The battlegrounds are going to be getting turnout in Eastern Washington, as we mentioned, and then it's about making sure that we get to the rural portions of Western Washington, and help folks understand how the policies currently in place are destroying jobs and opportunities in those communities.
Are you listening, Eastern Washington? If you're tired of Maria Cantwell, you've got to turn out in droves.


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