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Friday, March 24, 2006

The heart & commitment of Jason Atkinson

I stumbled upon a Washington-based blogger a few days ago, who had a great story about Jason Atkinson. DunnerMeister, out of Redmond, Wash., runs a blog called Delta Mike Charlie, and has a personal experience with Oregon's next governor:
[Atkinson] came to a court hearing in Washington State for my brother-in-law who was his constituent at the time and was in legal trouble in Seattle. Yep, a seven hour butt-busting drive to stand by a constituent in a criminal hearing where Senator Atkinson thought justice wasn't being served. And this wasn't a big campaign donor or even a close long-time family friend. It was a constituent who wasn't getting a fair shake and he hoped his testimony could make a difference. Even though he wasn't successful, it shows his devotion to serve those who sent him to Salem. Now that's commitment!
Wouldn't you like that kind of commitment in the Oregon governor's mansion? Vote for Jason Atkinson!

UPDATE: I see I wasn't the first person to notice DunnerMeister's post. See the very end of this post by Sailor.


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