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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just a thought on the corporate kicker...

I keep hearing that we should oppose the corporate kicker because, in its current form, we are sending money to corporations in other states.

Help me out here: regardless of where those corporations are located, aren't they paying taxes to Oregon? Otherwise, how could they be getting a refund?

And aren't they providing jobs to Oregonians? And don't those Oregonians then pay taxes from the wages provided by those out-of-state corporations?

I can understand the desire, and even the benefit, to have a rainy-day fund. But the only reason I can see to target the corporate kicker is because it's an easy target, and the shooters don't seem to remember that those "corporations in other states" (not to mention the many corporations within the state, who would also lose their kicker) are providing a benefit to Oregon.


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