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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thoughts from the Palin speech

Sarah Palin made effective use of her small-town roots to make a direct appeal to small-town people across the United States. She has to know that the big-town liberals were never going to vote for her ticket to begin with, but there are plenty of small-town folks (and big-town folks with small-town values) who liked what they heard.

She has a mischievous smirk that crosses her face when she's getting ready to deliver a zinger, which made it all that much more fun to watch the speech, rather than just reading it or even hearing it.

Unlike the folks at Blue Oregon, I didn't think it was too sarcastic -- I loved the lines. But then, that's my type of humor, so I'm probably not the right person to ask. I do think the question of whether she connected with independents is a legitimate and important one, but I'm more inclined to think she did because of my first point above.

Years from now, we're still going to be seeing video of little Piper Palin grooming her little brother while sitting in the stands.

Lots of people are praising Rudy Guiliani, but I'm not one of them. He had some good lines, but he went too long and seemed to be making up lines as he went along.

Michael Steele was very good. Mitt Romney made me glad he's not the VP candidate.

If a Republican questioned whether Hilary Clinton could be the president and still be a successful mother and wife, that Republican would be fired, dropped from the ticket, or would announce that he was stepping away to "spend more time with my family" in a heartbeat. And the press would still continue to trumpet that comment weeks or even months after the fact, as some supposed evidence of GOP bias against women. But somehow, the Democrats can make this suggestion about Palin and no one in the media even raises an eyebrow.

Cindy McCain is a stunning 54-year-old woman. There's a reason that one of the more popular Google searches has been "How old is Cindy McCain?"

I'm amazed at the number of times I see people change the subject rather than deal with the question at hand. Example: Bringing the Palin family on the stage is interpreted (by a bojack.org commenter) as "Teenage parents as American heroes. How cute." Even though anyone with half a brain knows there's never been a suggestion that this is intended to glamorize teen pregnancy, and that it's simply a family moment. Simple. Uncomplicated. Not sinister. Not hypocritical. But let's slam the 17-year-old kid who's been dragged through the mud for the last week, instead of dealing with a genuine issue.

And that doesn't even touch the issue that they're comparing Sarah Palin's experience -- which, like it or not, does have several categories that are foreign to Barack Obama -- with that of Mr. Obama, even though Obama is running for president against John McCain, not against Sarah Palin. Is it fair game to examine Palin's resume? Unquestionably. But let's remember who is running against whom, and compare oranges to oranges.

Overall, a very good night.



  • At 9/04/2008 10:34 AM, Blogger terrance said…

    Apparently the teleprompter operator screwed up both on Rudy's and Sarah's speeches and kept the text running through the applause. So, Rudy did extremely well in making up lines. What's extraordinary is how well Palin did with that kind of glitch.


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