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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's missing?

The front page of today's O trumpets, "OHSU approves 'bare-bones' 2009 budget."

This leads to the obvious questions: how much is the budget? And, if it's truly "bare-bones," how does it compare to the current amount?

So I read Ted Sickinger's story. I learn the institution will be "restructured," including at least 150 layoffs, and tuition will increase.

I learn OHSU will spend $375 million to expand the hospital, while putting off $30 million in maintenance (because we see how well that's worked with Portland Public Schools).

I learn it will lose $28 million this year, which is 2 percent of its $1.45 billion in revenue.

I learn the budget has some, um, ambitions assumptions, such as at least a 6 percent increase in revenues in each of the next four years, plus $12 million in new grants next year.

And I reach the end of the story. Not once does it inform us of the budget amount, or how it compares to 2008. Maybe I'm crazy, but doesn't that seem like a glaring omission?



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