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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Dems pursue the faith vote

If nothing tells you how much their party takes people of faith for granted, it should be the fact that the Democrat presidential candidates held a debate on Sunday morning. In Iowa.

Of course, this debate was part 13 in a series of roughly 381 debates between now and February, so I'm not sure how many voters -- with or without faith -- are paying attention anyway.

David Weigel, of Reason's Hit & Run blog, live-blogged the debate. Here are a few of my favorite lines:
10:18: My God, look at Hillary's face on the cutaways. If Obama actually took her up and became her VP I think he'd spend eight years locked in a haunted wine cellar.

10:44: What a human landfill John Edwards is. Joe Biden's son is heading to Iraq and he doesn't exploit it. Edwards gets an easy question about prayer and public decisions and dunks twice in the pity well: "Ah prayed when my 16-year old son died, ah prayed when Elizabeth got cancer."

11:03: Oh, John Edwards. In 25 or so seconds he manages to say he was wrong to vote for the Iraq War, he didn't trust George W. Bush, he ignored his gut and trusted George W. Bush, and he was wrong to vote for the Iraq War.

11:04: And Hillary shows Edwards how he should have answered that. Honestly, let's put his wife on the stage for a few debates so he can win one.

11:05: Richardson: "I make about one mistake a week." That would make him our best president since Jefferson.
Dang, it's gonna be a long time 'til November 2008.

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