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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quote of the Day

Tim Graham, who focuses on liberal media bias for the Media Research Center, noted on NRO's The Corner that two recent books about Hillary Clinton are in very different places on the Amazon best-seller list: "Condi vs. Hillary" by Dick Morris (aimed at a fairly conservative — or at least moderate — audience) was ranked 359th, and "The Case for Hillary" by Susan Estrich (is there anyone more liberal?) was ranked at 7,582.

That prompted this from Stanley Kurtz on The Corner:
Tim, I suppose it's good news that Susan Estrich's Hillary book isn't doing very well. Still, I think it's important that the entire country know that Susan Estrich has written a book called, "The Case For Hillary." Shout it to the rafters, Tim. Susan Estrich is making the case for Hillary Clinton! Did you get that people? If not, let me clarify. Susan Estrich is making the case for Hillary Clinton! Excellent.

Let me ask you a question, Tim. Which book will do more to convince the American people that Hillary is the good-old lefty folks like us have always known her to be? Morris may be selling well, but he's preaching to the choir. Estrich, on the other hand, is giving the lie to Hillary's "moderate" make-over. Have I mentioned that Susan Estrich has written a book called "The Case For Hillary?" We certainly know that Estrich is far to the left of moderate Democratic ex-cabinet secretaries like Lawrence Summers. Heck, Estrich is even to the left of Michael Kinsley! Remember? By the way, have I mentioned that Susan Estrich has just written a book called, "The Case For Hillary?" Absolutely excellent.
I'm hopeful that the release of independent counsel David Barrett's report into alleged Clinton-era vendettas against political enemies — supposedly to happen in the next couple of weeks — will do more to trash HRC's electability, but I'll take Estrich's contribution as well.


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