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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The President's "Vacation"

Just one other random thought about President Bush and his time at his Texas ranch:

The media and various left-wing pundits love to make a big deal out of the amount of time the president spends on vacation. Just this Sunday, the Oregonian noted that Ronald Reagan spent 335 days on vacation in Santa Barbara, California during his eight-year presidency, and Bush will overtake that number by next week.

Oregonian columnist Steve Duin, writing today about two Oregon women who lost sons in Iraq and who will join Cindy Sheehan at the presidential ranch, wrote: "The nation is at war, the president is on an extended vacation, and [Michelle] DeFord and [Lynn] Bradach are the mothers of dead soldiers."

I realize that's supposed to be a slam at the president, as if to suggest that the president is spending his month lounging by the pool in his Speedos, holding a cool umbrella-laden drink. Does anyone really think the president is on vacation? The type of vacation you or I might take? My family went to Sunriver this summer, and spent the week golfing, biking, swimming, and relaxing. I called my office twice during the week, but otherwise didn't think much about work. Is there any clear-thinking liberal who thinks that a presidential "vacation" allows him any relaxation beyond the change of scenery? It's not like the country shuts down when he leaves Washington, and the president's responsibilities continue regardless of his location.

If Steve Duin (or anyone else using such an argument) thinks he's providing gripping political commentary by suggesting that a vacationing George W. Bush is a slacker, he clearly needs to put down the Kool-Aid and step away from the Democratic Underground crowd.


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