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Friday, July 08, 2005

If only this were true...

From William Saletan, writing in Slate:
Bin Laden's whole game plan is to turn the people of the democratic world against their governments. He thinks democracies are weak because their people, who are more easily frightened than their governments, can bring those governments down. He doesn't understand that this flexibility — and this trust — are why democracies will live, while he will die. Many of us didn't vote for Bush's government or Blair's. But we're loyal to them, in part because we were given a voice in choosing them. And if we don't like our governments, we can vote them out. We can't vote out terrorists. We can only kill them.
This is a great example of a clear-thinking liberal. I only wish that the line I highlighted in bold were true of even a slim majority of those who "didn't vote for Bush's government." Unfortunately, the left has been hijacked by kool-aid drinkers like Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean and Michael Moore, people who display no apparent loyalty to their president, their government or their country.



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